Student Organizations=n00bs to be PWN’d

Man, when will it ever end?

Just when I think I have the Pinko threat in check, guess what? Some lefty leaning kids decide they want to protest me! I mean, what have I not done for Shanxi? These punk kids think they could do a better job running my finely tuned military machine? LOL!!!

So there I was, having a sweet military parade through Taiyuan, and here come a bunch of pansy az’d agitators, all trying to say like, “Yan Xishan, you a n00b” and I was like, “oh yeah, well, you arrested!” Then I had them shot. PWND!!! LOL

Now that I schooled those fools, I am sure the rest of those Nancy-boys will fly straight, leaving me to focus my energies on getting my homie Zhang Xueliang out of the slammer. Yo, Jiang Jieshi, let my homie go! Jus cause he straight up ganked you in Xian, you gots to get all girly. Straight up, my boy Xueliang is the Chinese James Brown of the1940s, so free him before you getz PWN’d like fool you is.


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