Top Ten China Thinkers: #9 Mozi

Times of strife and war create great minds. Just look at me–without the chaos of the downfall of the imperial system and the emergence of the Warlord Era, would I have reached my heights of brilliance?

Our number nine Chinese thinker lived during the Waring States era, another age marked by warfare and chaos.


Mozi, aka Mo Tzu

I see much to admire in Mozi, as in some ways he reminds me a lot of a young, less successful, less attractive Yan Xishan.  Our similarities go far beyond our penchant for criticizing Confucius.  Like me he was a man of action–he had a philosophy of action (youwei) that believed heaven helps those who helps themselves.  As someone who helped himself to all of greater Shanxi, I could not agree more.

Plus he was all about military technology, creating all sorts of wonderful gadgets that could be used to kill people.  I have mad respect for that.  What is strange is that he preferred to side with weak states, helping them build up their defenses.  As someone currently out of power, his affinity for the underdog is endearing.  As someone who plans to be in power soon, it is troubling indeed.

To sum up:


1.  Military genius

2. Not afraid to call Kongzi a punk


1. Would probably attempt to stop my plans of military conquest.

2. Anti-family, promoted a concept of “universal love” (jian’ai).   This was supposedly some kind of collective system enforced by strict hierarchy, but to me it sounds too much like the free love espoused by those damn Commies.   Why does everyone want to take away my wives and distribute them to the peasant masses?

3. He used his military technology for defense only.  He was–get this–a pacifist!

So while I respect the genius behind his technological innovations, Mozi was far too idealistic to serve as a true role model.  Maybe if he cut down on whatever it was he was smoking, he would of done better, but as it is he clocks in at #9.


4 Responses to Top Ten China Thinkers: #9 Mozi

  1. Eric says:

    I never even heard of this guy. #9????

  2. Drew M. says:

    I don’t get it eitehr. Like, wtf is this blog?

  3. […] Mohist.  You see, back in the day, the Chinese imperial state tattooed criminals to punish them.  Mozi was a innovate thinker who, according to legend, had been “inked” himself.  Now that I […]

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