The Critics Come Out!

Dear YXS Fans,

As many of you surely know, the blogosphere has been set ablaze with debate over my ongoing countdown of the top ten Chinese philosophers. Not surprisingly, many commentators have been quick to cast judgment on my choices, as well as disparage my personal character. The latest mudslinging has come from the otherwise compelling blog peer-see, whose writers have accused me of being a DMT fiend for rating Mozi at #9. Now my longtime readers will know that I am no friend of the Alan Watts/Terrance McKenna Hippie Gestapo, but let me state again clearly–my only vice is fenjiu. And whoring. Is ordering executions a vice? I guess there are a few more, but none of the hippie ones.

“peer-see” have their own idea idea about who number #1 should be, nominating “Sanjaya,” who I suppose must be one of the early Buddhist missionaries to arrive in China during the Han dynasty. I am really not that much a Buddhist, so I am not familiar with him and thus there is no way he can make the list. Yes, I do call myself a Buddhist, but only because European chicks are down with that kind of stuff. Plus, ever read the Vimalakirti Sutra? According to this most enlightened text, you can be a Bodhisattva while hanging out with whores. Best sutra ever, hands down. If the author of the Vimalakirti Sutra was Chinese, he just might make my list. But unless I get some proof that “Sanjaya” was the author of this most sacred sutra, AND he lived in China for over 51% of his adult life–no way peer-see.



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