On Unruly Students

I am compelled to comment on the latest topic to set the interwebs on fire, the unruly student in Beiping who dared to attack his university professor. You can see the video below:

Now, I was heavily conflicted after watching this video. I, after all, was once one of the most unruly of all students. I played a key role in bringing down the Qing empire! So I am no stranger to student activism. But as I see it, these Beiping students have gone too far. If they were in Shanxi, they would get the Hay Chopper Chop, no doubt about it. I hereby call on Feng Yuxiang (or whoever it is that is running Beiping these days) to get cracking.


One Response to On Unruly Students

  1. KC says:

    This video… I am really shocked by the low level of students in China. I have never seen such a pathetic classroom.

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