Shanxi Awaits its Warlord

Loyal Readers,

My time in Beiping has been flying by–it seems like just yesterday that I landed and started to reacquaint myself with this fine city. It has been wonderful these past few weeks, visiting old friends. What was it that Confucius once said? “There is nothing finer than when old friends come from afar.” Well, let me tell you, there is something finer–when old friends come to town flush with cash! Thanks Uncle Sam! Last week I “made it rain” at the Laoshe Teahouse. Yes, I was drunk, but those opera singers….damn they were fine! After a few bottles of fenjiu I was throwing cash everywhere. I just hope they weren’t male opera singers in drag… I hate it when that happens.

It has not been all fun, however. As you probably know, I have been unable to locate the warlord currently running Beiping. I have a suspicion that it is Feng Yuxiang and he is too scared to meet me warlord to warlord. So be it. I shall carry out this endeavor myself. Before I can depart Beiping, however, General Bragg wants me to meet with some of the US military top brass. They are having some sort of gathering this Sunday which I must attend. No doubt it will be some sort of excuse to get loaded.

But after that, it is straight on to Shanxi!



2 Responses to Shanxi Awaits its Warlord

  1. dontekno says:

    Oh this page is just too funny. It’s good to reminisce! –Zhang Xueliang

  2. Juan says:

    Hey Warlord Yan,

    I read your comments on thatsbj’s forum. I think you have very good points about their magazine. I am wondering if you would like to be an editor for a Beijing expat magazine? If you are interested please email me.

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