I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

So I show up at the residence of Muslim warlord Ma Bufang last night, intending on getting him drunk so he might agree to lend me some of his soldiers to aid my retaking of Shanxi. I brought a huge bottle of qingkejiu, the local Qinghai booze.

Much to my chagrin, I quickly learned that Muslims are not fans of the sauce. Whoops.

I attempted to quickly diffuse the subject by switching topics. I told old Ma Bufang that he should seriously plant some trees to improve the daily lives of his subjects. I think he might have bought it.

Update y’all soon.


One Response to I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

  1. Chris Caulkins says:

    You have much to learn about the ways of Islam my friend. Try not to get your liver cut out while you are out there!

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