A New Philosphy: Shanzhuyi (Shanism)

Loyal Followers of the Model Governor:

Many of you have been writing wanting more philosophical guidance. As I demonstrated here, I am the greatest thinker in the long 5,000 years of Chinese history. But what exactly is my school of thought? Certainly those of you who have been longtime fans (talking about you J. Wo) are well versed in how I think. But what about those sad n00bs? So many of you out there in the web-o-rama have yet to accept me as your personal teacher. That is about to change.

I hereby announce the formalization of Yan Xishan thought: Shanzhuyi (山主义) or Shanism. In the future I will explain in greater detail what Shanzhuyi is all about, but I wanted to give you something to look forward to.



2 Responses to A New Philosphy: Shanzhuyi (Shanism)

  1. […] of the Model Governor! First I told you about the formalization of Yan Xishan Thought into Shanzhuyi; now I proudly proclaim the founding of the Shanxi Robotics Division! This was truly a genius move […]

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