Announcing the Formation of the Shanxi Robotics Division

Another exciting announcement for the followers of the Model Governor! First I told you about the formalization of Yan Xishan Thought into Shanzhuyi; now I proudly proclaim the founding of the Shanxi Robotics Division! This was truly a genius move on my part. Between the power of the JPA and the ruthless efficiency of the SRD, the Commie Pinkos have no chance.

Before I make my move on Yan’an, however, the Robotics Division will need massive funds for research and production. At the moment we only have one working robot, which was “procured” from a Japanese officer with a weakness for fenjiu and used schoolgirl undergarments. Before you go and accuse me of being a hanjian (that is traitor to the Chinese race for those of you who have not yet learned the language your children will be speaking) for allowing a Japanese devil to smell the panties of Shanxi schoolgirls, fret not: I had the undergarments worn by some elderly Russian women!

Here is our first robot, currently serving in my Shanxi palace. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Shanxi Beerbot:
Shanxi Beerbot

Unfortunately, the only photo I have of the Shanxi Beerbot was taken while he was in the service of the Japanese Devils. Rest assured he now only pours properly patriotic pijiu. Slowly but surely we will build our Robotics Division, and eventually we will have a two pronged thrust into the Shan-Gan-Ning base area, JPA to the left, SRD to the right! Until then, I am going to get drunk.



6 Responses to Announcing the Formation of the Shanxi Robotics Division

  1. JPA Officer says:

    Hahahaha, brilliant. Make sure you finish up the top 10 most impressive dynasty’s list (even though its pretty clear who’s #1 – the soon-to-be established empire by the great model governor of Shanxi himself!)

  2. Yan Xishan says:

    Good to see some of my officers keeping up to date with the blog. I will be posting a new entry on the dynasty list in the near future–keep an eye out for it!

  3. mehmet12 says:

    Was the Shanxi supercomputer of which your FAQ speaks perhaps also patented by the Shanxi Robotics Division?

  4. Yan Xishan says:


    My Shanxi Supercomupter was devised a few years back, before I had ever dreamed of having my own Shanxi Robotics Division. There is a connection, however, as we are modifying the Shanxi Beerbot to run on Shanxi’s famed vinegar, just as the Supercomputer does.

  5. mehmet12 says:

    Wow… white wine or balsamic?
    Or am I prying into state secrets too much? 😉
    Anyway- I’d like to see Yan visit Sinkiang. I’ve heard Sheng Shicai is a nice chap

  6. Yan Xishan says:


    Shanxi vinegar is in a class of its own. It cannot be described… I urge you to find some and enjoy some jiaozi (dumplings). It will change your live.

    Xinjiang is on my “To Do” list….


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