Searching for Yan Xishan

Gentle Readers:

Today I offer you a special treat—-a look inside your favorite blog.  While all of my readers are passionate and devoted followers, they did not all come to discover this most excellent blog in the same manner.  Indeed, my readers are a diverse bunch.  Take a look at the top search returns that led internet junkies to the Yan Xishan Blog.

1. Laozi

2. Han Feizi

3. Jiang Jieshi

4. Yan Xishan

5. Xunzi

6. Chinese Thinkers

7. Yuan Shikai

8. Mongolian Teenage Hookers

9. Mongolian Whores

10. Sunzi

11. Ming Dynasty

12. Beijing Whores

13. Juicy Pants

14. Dalai Lama

15. Xiao Yun

That is some list, and I must admit it surprises me a bit.  Laozi as the number one referring search term?  Jiang Jieshi listed above Yan Xishan?  What a joke!  That serves as a powerful reminder that we all need to do more work to get my name out.

Perhaps equally surprising, how about them whores?  Are more people looking for Mongolian whores than Beijing whores?  Or are people looking for Beijing whores turning to other internet authorities?  Because that would be a huge mistake on thier part.

Finally, the Dalai Lama in a juicy pants and Xiao Yun sandwich—-that is priceless.



4 Responses to Searching for Yan Xishan

  1. underachieving monger says:


    The whores in Beijing are Mongolian–have you not been to Maggie’s?

  2. Simon says:

    Not true, underachieving monger! The ladies at Maggies are Mongolian, but these girls are far outnumbered by (feeling dirty) “local talent” elsewhere in the city.

    Not that I have any experience in such matters.

  3. Stanley Tookie Williams III says:

    Salaam Alekum Brother–

    I’m living here in 1968 Oakland trying to follow your political and military teachings to create an international business conglomerate. This has been quite difficult without the use of the internet. While my enemies are trying to sell little red books at SFSU, I am getting my MBA from USF business school. I feel like I am about to embark upon something big, but the future is unclear. Perhaps you can make some recommendations

  4. Yan Xishan says:

    Simon:That is just the kind of informative post that my dear readers are looking for.

    Tookie: I highly recommend claiming your own territory. Trust me, you cannot get shit done unless you get out from under the thumb of the man.

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