On Censorship

I think the Commies need to do a better job on censoring thier peeps.  This would never fly in Shanxi!  Actually, I would sponsor this.  In fact, I am going to get one of my opera troops to perform a special cao ni ma show.


5 Responses to On Censorship

  1. Sean S. says:

    OK, I am a loser who does not speak Chinese. What the hell is going on here?

  2. Version with subtitles:

  3. This is how it happens in China, things are told indirectly, but they are told anyway. This is good to see that in China too, people are able to stand up for their rights.

  4. Yan Xishan says:

    Stanley Xiansheng: Thanks for the link.

    Nom: As long as the right to cuss is the first of many more rights, right?

  5. xyz says:

    I can think of few rights more important than the right to cuss!

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