Oh, the Cantonese…

What sick shit will they think of next?  Hot pot, but replacing the broth with boiling elephant placenta?  Nothing those sick southern fucks might do could surprise me.

Way to go, Guangdongren.  Thanks to you, here is what the internet thinks of us Chinese folks:

Let’s just get this straight.  Up here in Shanxi, yes we do eat donkey, dipped in our famous and most delicious Shanxi vinegar (I have three bottles within reach right now).  But we do not go for this sick shit.  Southerners, you are on notice–you best get your culinary act in order, or–and I know this must sound crazy–but stop putting this shit online!  Otherwise you can get ready for a full on JPA invasion.  You will get your ass kicked Chen Jiongming style.

Yan out


5 Responses to Oh, the Cantonese…

  1. whichone says:

    This is seriously disgusting, made more so by what sounds like cheering(?) in the background.

    I don’t understand these people, don’t they have any empathy? It’s a fish but it’s eyes are staring right at you! Goddamn I am Chinese but these people fucking piss me off.

  2. Spam Lover says:

    That is fucking gross.

  3. andrew says:

    find a video of some of those guys eating live monkey brains, and we can all just gouge our eyes out and be done with it

  4. Travis says:

    So is that you will kick their asses like you are Chen Jiongming, or will they get their asses kicked like they are Chen Jiongming?

  5. Murph says:

    Am I the only one that thinks this is kind of cool? Maybe I am just a bad person, but I would totally eat that fish.

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