Merry Christmas from Hoth-like Shanxi

Dearest Readers:

It is the holiday season here in Taiyuan, which means a “temporary” truce with the hated Japs, bonus rations of vinegar for the troops, and a plenty of extra performances for my favorite qinqiang opera troop.  Tonight they are staging, at my request, a “mash-up” of The White-Haired Girl and A Christmas Carol.

I am not sure how it will play out, but I have been promised that at the end, the landlord/Scrooge character, with the help of the Ghost of Future Christmases, sees himself publicly struggling the peasant girl in front of Tiananmen Gate, which (get this) is adorned with a huge portrait of yours truly.  Sounds like a hoot!

With that in mind, I might be a bit distracted over the next week, so please accept this “blog” writing as my holiday wishes to you.  I will be quite busy here in Taiyuan, which, BTW, shares similar weather patterns as “Hoth.”  Not sure where that is, maybe in Denmark?


(click for full size Hothy goodness)


2 Responses to Merry Christmas from Hoth-like Shanxi

  1. Luc says:

    “the landlord/Scrooge character”. great. much better than those (classic lit) + zombies mash-ups.

    maybe tiny tim can learn to look out for hisself in the mountains?

  2. Yan Xishan says:

    Luc, I will have you know that the opera was even better than I expected. And you are right, Tiny Tim did spend some time in the mountains, before joining the landlord character for a huge Xmas feast of goose hotpot.

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